Web & Email Hosting

High performance and reliable website and email hosting.

Although the hosting server is “behind the scenes” it has a very real impact on your web success, and even on the Search Engine Optimization of your site.

The websites we develop also include applications and other digital assets that require a robust, secure and reliable hosting environment. We have a managed plus dedicated web server on Xneelo’s (previously called Hetzner) infrastructure.

Xneelo is known as one of South Africa’s most reliable, high performance hosting providers, and with a stable network and round-the-clock support from their technical consultants, we can ensure that your website stays up, stays fast and stays supported. Our server is located in Xneelo’s Data Centre Park in Samrand, Gauteng, South Africa.

As such, we can provide you with hosting solutions that will ensure that your new website can perform optimally and is run off a stable platform. Our Managed Server is regularly updated by Xneelo with security patches and new versions of software.

Websites that have intensive content management systems or large databases can benefit from SSD (Solid-State Drive or Solid-State Disk), due to the better response times in retrieving data and higher transaction rate. Our server includes a 1 TB SSD.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption technology that creates an encrypted connection between the web server and your visitor’s web browser. SSL secures your website and allows your visitors to place their trust in you.

We offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with all new websites hosted by us.

Furthermore, hosting accounts on our server include spam filtering, DDoS protection & mitigation, malware removal, firewall protection, backups (daily, incremental backups kept for 2 weeks), and 24/7 monitoring by Xneelo’s technical team.

Please note:

Hosting is not our core business, and is only available to our own website development clients.

Please do not contact Xneelo directly for support if you host through us, they will simply refer you back to us, as our contract with them requires that we remain the first line of support for our clients.

Hosting support is available between 08:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday, via telephone only, on +27 11 915 4949.

The Emergency after hours or weekend number is +27 82 939 7601, but please note that we do not provide 24/7 support.

If you are based in South Africa, and require 24/7 technical support, you can get a shared hosting account directly through www.xneelo.co.za.

If you are based overseas, and prefer not to host through us, we recommend that you get a Managed WordPress hosting account through www.siteground.com

Our Hosting Packages

There is a once-off setup fee of R480, which includes the registration or transfer of .co.za and .com domains, as well as the set-up of your hosting account and creation of mailboxes (email accounts).




  • A 30 day cancellation period applies.
  • We have a zero tolerance SPAM policy. Sending unsolicited bulk commercial communication via a standard email account is also not permitted. If you wish to send bulk email, please use a bulk mailer service.
  • Using our servers as a personal storage facility is not permitted. Any content stored must be directly related to your website.
  • Storing of email for more than 60 days is not allowed on a hosting account, email should be downloaded (removed from the hosting server completely) and saved as part of your normal backups, or routed to an email archiving system of your choosing.
  • Clients based outside of South Africa, are billed annually only.
  • Clients based in South Africa, can chose to be billed monthly or annually.

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